Social Media and Careers: The Perfect Duo

With the advent of social media in the last decade, the way we communicate has changed significantly. We can connect with friends we haven’t seen in years, we can follow celebrities as closely as never before, and we can be “connected” at all places and all hours. There are definitely some issues that have arisen with the rise of social media, but it also has helped in many ways as well.

With the connectivity, business people can reach out to their fans, clients, customers, and other important people like never before. Social media and careers often go hand-in-hand as people seek others’ input through mainstream social media sites. No longer are there barriers from your fans; you can easily talk to them via Skype video chat, tweeting, or Facebook messaging.

Using this tool can improve your career significantly. Advertise and showcase your work. Talk about upcoming projects. Review what you’ve done previously. Evaluate people’s opinions of your work and your company. The possibilities are endless.

With social media, you have the opportunity to show off your work. As an author, you can display teasers of what is coming up next in a book you’re writing, bounce off ideas with other writers, or even blog about your progress. As a photographer, this is a prime opportunity of what you’ve photographed. You can sell them directly on social media, display your work, or discuss photography in general.

Show Off Your Work

Show Off Your Work

If you’re a reporter, you want to constantly update your readers and followers of what’s happening in the world. What’s better, you might have the opportunity of commenting on it if you’re an opinion reporter or columnist. Sometimes your special angle gets you stories that most people wouldn’t think about. Your stories might get people aware and talking. Make sure that you’re connected with all the latest social media to emphasize your connectivity to the outside world.

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